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Tenerife food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Tenerife

Blessed with fertile soil and an abundance of fish, Tenerife provides a diverse tasting of meals and white wines for you to delight in

The biggest of the Canary Islands off the coast of north-western Africa, Tenerife is a sun and sand hotspot amongstEuropeans When it concerns food, the Canarian food showcases a distinct cultural tapestry that extends from the island’s initial residents to the 20 th century Canarian migrants who took a trip in between the islands and LatinAmerica Traditional Canarian food and beverage loads a punch and is finest revealed on Tenerife and its capital, SantaCruz Here are a few of our preferred choices on the island:

1. Mojo

Mojo sauce is the Canary Islands’ informal dressing and is coupled with practically whatever, consisting of the popular papas arrugadas (old and wrinkly potatoes), an extremely popular meal in the CanaryIslands There are a number of variations of mojo sauce however the 2 most typical types are mojo rojo (made from red pepper and garlic) and mojo verde (made from coriander and parsley).

Where to attempt mojo in Tenerife: Almost every dining establishment in Tenerife serves a minimum of 2 variations of mojo source.

2. Goat cheese

It is stated that the locals on the Canary Islands take in more cheese per individual each year than other parts of Spain so if you are on the island, attempt a couple of regional ranges.

Fresco(fresh) goat cheese is most frequently consumed here– this kind of cheese is hardly a couple of days old and has an enjoyable taste. Cured and smoked cheese are likewise offered– normally from farms around the remote Anaga area. Some of the dairy farmers cover the cheese with pepper or Gofio (a kind of flour made with roasted grains). You can buy them fresh, grilled (queso a la plancha) or fried (queso asado), accompanied by your favored mojo sauce.

Where to attempt goat cheese in Tenerife: You can buy goat cheese from practically every dining establishment or purchase them from supermarket. If you wish to polish off a three-course meal with tasty fried goat cheese as a starter, head to La Hierbita (CalleClavel 19).

Grilled cheese with mojo sauce
Grilled cheese with mojo sauce

3. Papas Arrugadas (Wrinkled potatoes)

Potatoes, or papas as they are understood in Spain, hold an unique location in the regional diet plan. These “wrinkled potatoes” are boiled in sea seawater for around 30 minutes initially, prior to roasting them to wrinkle the skins and develop a crusting of salt. The meal is normally served with mojo sauces.

While fairly basic, potatoes grown on Tenerife and neighboring islands are popular for their flavour, thanks to the abundant volcanic soil, so provide these old and wrinkly potatoes a go while you remain in Tenerife.

Where to attempt papas arrugadas in Tenerife: Arc ón Tapas (PlazaConcejil 2) is a great area for some standard papas. Alternatively, head to Bar Restaurante El Cine (CalleJuan Bariajo, 8).

Papas arrugadas with mojo sauce
Papas arrugadas with mojo sauce

4. Fish and Sancocho Canaria

On this sun-drenched island, fish is standard. Fishermen provide sardine, pollock, grouper, sama, mackerel and other fresh fish to dining establishments daily. You can have it grilled, fried, stewed or as tartare.

At ún en adobo (marinaded tuna) is popular amongst the residents. To make it, marinade fresh tuna with herbs and spices over night prior to frying. It’s definitely tasty.

SancochoCanario is a kind of fish meal frequently consumed on GoodFriday Sancocho normally implies stew or thick soup especially in LatinAmerica But in Canary, the meal exists without much gravy. To make this meal, maintained and salted fish is utilized– after soaking it for 24 hours, boil the fish with potatoes carefully and served with your favored mojo sauce.

Where to attempt a fish meal in Tenerife: Many dining establishments serve great fish meals inTenerife If you desire something low-cost and cost effective, head to Michelle Restaurant (UrbanizacionPlaya Fa ñabe 3). If you are trying to find a sea-front dining establishment with terrific atmosphere, then head to Restaurante Mayte (AvenidaRafael Puig Lluvina).

SancochoCanario is normally served on Good Friday, so ask around if you occur to be there throughout the Holy Week.

Fish is tradition in Tenerife
Fish is custom in Tenerife

5. Ropa Vieja Canaria

RopaVieja is a Cuban meal that is popular throughout the Caribbean however the variation in Tenerife is rather various. Here, chickpeas are the primary active ingredient and in the pot you include remaining meat– sausages, beef, chicken– or you can utilize odd cuts of meat like trotters or ribs. Herbs and spices are likewise included into the stew.

RopaVieja is a genuine meal served at table around the islands, variations are plentiful and influence heated competitors amongst restaurateurs.

Where to attempt ropa vieja in Tenerife: Restaurant La Cueva in Chinamada (in the remote Anaga area) serves a tasty variation of this meal. If that is too far, have a look at Bodeguita Canaria (CalleImeldo Ser ís18) right in Santa Cruz.

Ropa Vieja is made with chickpeas in Tenerife
RopaVieja is made with chickpeas in Tenerife

6. Conejo al salmorejo (bunny stew)

This bunny stew with a generous pinch of paprika is popular inTenerife To make this meal, marinade bunny meat with a sauce made from oil, red wine, vinegar, paprika, chilli pepper, garlic, vinegar and herbs like rosemary and thyme over night initially. On the following day, fry the meat prior to simmering it with the sauce over low heat.

Where to attempt conejo al salmorejo in Tenerife: BodeguitaCanaria (CalleImeldo Ser ís 18) in Santa Cruz serves a magnificent variation. Otelo2 (CC Litoral) is a chicken dining establishment however its bunny stew is worthy of a reference.

Conejo al salmorejo
Conejo al salmorejo

7. Gofio

You are most likely to hear the term gofio frequently if you talk with the regional foodies due to the fact that gofio is a tradition left by the Guanche individuals (the native residents). Gofio is really a kind of flour made with toasted grains– most frequently from millio (sweet corn).

Gofio is utilized throughout the islands. Hotels normally have a big bowl of healthy gofio flour beside a variety of cereal for you to spray gofio on your cereal or blend it with milk. Restaurants utilize gofio in lots of meals too, most frequently in a meal called escaldón (gofio is blended with fish broth). Increasingly, gofio is likewise utilized in dessert– from gofio mousse, gofio ice cream to gofio chocolate.

Where to attempt gofio in Tenerife: Almost every dining establishment in Tenerife has a meal that is made with gofio. Failing that, check out a supermarket and get a gofio energy bar.

Gofio, a type of flour made with toasted grains
Gofio, a kind of flour made with toasted grains

8. Arroz a la cubana

Banana is the primary crop in Tenerife and not remarkably, it belongs to the essential components in arroz a la cubana, a meal allegedly obtained from Cuba (although lots of Cubans are uninformed of the meal).

Essentially, this meal includes rice, sausage, fried egg, together with a couple of fried bananas. It fasts to make, likewise healthy and tasty.

Where to attempt arroz a la cubana in Tenerife: The finest variation is normally home-made however stopping working that, attempt Restaurante Guaracarumbo (CarreteraGeneral Tf55).

Banana is the main crop in Tenerife
Banana is the primary crop in Tenerife

9. Vegan

NowadaysTenerife isn’t everything about fish and meat however has a great choice of vegan dining establishments. Among them, Buenavida Vegan is our leading favourite. The meat-free hamburgers served with healthy spelt bread are definitely tasty.

All hamburgers include a baked potato at Buenavida Vegan however leave space for dessert if you can, the vegan chocolate cake here is extremely delicious.

BuenavidaVegan (CentroComercial Fa ñabé Plaza in Costa Adeje), about 79 km (49 miles) south of Santa Cruz.

10 Wines

The best-kept trick of Tenerife is its red wine. The island’s mountainous landscape and mineral-rich soil have actually seen vineyards flourishing for centuries, producing exceptional dry and acidic white and easy-drinking red. There are a variety of wineries on the island that provide red wine tasting trips. Some of the very best consist of Bodegas Monje (CaminoCruz de Leandro 36) and Bodega Reveron (LosQuemados 8).

Vineyards in Tenerife
Vineyards in Tenerife

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