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The Best Age To Travel With Kids (& The Worst!)

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Craig and I were when pondering a possible year long experience through Southeast Asia, the only issue was, our women were 5 and 18 months old at the time.

After our 2 week journey to Thailand, we totally ditched the concept.

For the quantity of effort needed and the pressures of taking a trip with little kids through South East Asia showed excessive.

KlongLat Mayom Floating Markets, Bangkok

Kalyra(aged 5 at the time) was a respectable age to take a trip with, although she can burn out quickly and likes to grumble.

Savannah, on the other hand, was a young child, determined on checking out the world with the energy of an ever prepared bunny.

Having took a trip with our kids from children up till their teenagers (our earliest is now 15), we have actually found the very best ages to take a trip with kids, in addition to the worst.

So if you wonder, here’s what you can anticipate taking a trip at each age …

TheBest Age to Travel with Kids

We’ll speak about the worst age to take a trip a bit later on. Spoiler alert, it’s young child age!

But in the meantime, let’s speak about the very best ages to take a trip with kids …

TheBest Age To Travel With Kids

The finest age to take a trip with kids mainly depends upon your location and travel design.

For example, I would not go backpacking with an infant, however a cruise around the Caribbean, sign me up!

Here’s what you can anticipate from each age …

Babies(0-6 Months)

young baby sleeping in travel cot

The concept of flying with children when frightened the life out of me, however after our very first airplane journey with an infant, we recognized it’s not so bad.

Typically, it’s not advised you take a trip with a newborn and you ought to wait up until their body immune system is strong before you start a vacation, however you ought to seek advice from your medical professional about making this choice.

Kalyra was 6 months old before her very first worldwide flight, from Australia to Fiji, and Savannah was 8 weeks when she flew Australia to New Zealand.

They weren’t a long flight and produced a terrific training workout.

Since then, flying with our kids has actually been simple.

Traveling with an infant is perhaps the very best age to take a trip with kids, when you get to the location considering that they consume and sleep the majority of the time.

However, airplane travel can be challenging since of all the important things you require to load.

Breastfeeding is a lot easier than formula, considering that you’ll wish to bring your infant’s preferred formula with you.

You likewise require to bring diapers, wipes, blankets, infant provider, and perhaps a safety seat.

And you require to think about movement, considering that strollers and prams generally are too huge for carry-on with a lot of airline companies.

New moms and dads may wish to be mindful on health, depending upon where you are going.

Germs and germs can make your kid ill, so as long as you maintain excellent health any place you go, you ought to be great.

Primary(5-10 years of age)

girls drinking through straws
Fun in Boracay,Philippines

You’ll see we neglected young children and leapt directly to main age. You’ll comprehend why later on.

Primary age is that sweet area in life when your kid still has a childish interest, delights in cuddles, however likewise wishes to acquire a bit more self-reliance.

You will discover less temper tantrums compared to young child age, however you might discover they get tired quickly.

We suggest packaging lots of toys and treats, and enable your kids to bring their own knapsacks with what they wish to take with them.

Give them their own seat on the airplane instead of resting on your lap, and begin enabling them some self-reliance, and you’ll discover travel is a lot easier.

Tweens(10– 13 years of age)

people kayaking on river

Once your kid reaches the tween age, specifically if they have actually currently taken a trip in the past, you’ll discover it’s the simplest age to take a trip with.

Older kids understand what they are doing at this moment, and you do not need to fret about them entering hazardous circumstances considering that they will have some self awareness and can look after themselves.

Of course, you constantly require to enjoy your kids, however you can unwind a little understanding they aren’t going to put some random stick in their mouths.

Tweens will still be rather connected to the marvel and experience of travel.


Two girls walking through a park.
Teens in Paris

Teens have actually left the potty training and nap times long in the past and can begin to take a trip as young people with their own interests and prepare for the holiday.

Teenagers are probably the ideal age to take a trip with, considering that they can value the life lessons that take a trip offers and have an interest in culture, history and art.

However, it is an age that can be challenging because teenagers generally wish to pull back to a world of their own, where they do not require to interact or do anything aside from listen to music all day or text with their pals. Actually, they truly do not even wish to be on a holiday with you, they simply wish to be with their pals back home.

And unexpectedly all the important things you utilized to like doing together, they’ll now discover dull however can’t articulate what it is they like to do now.

It’s the age where you may begin to arrange more pricey activities such as a safari or hot air balloon trip, which are more secure for older kids and will likewise be valued far more.

They might have more refined interests which you can check out with them, We have actually pursued Broadway displays in New York City, Taylor Swift shows in Philadelphia, and HarryPotter Studio trips in London So the enjoyable is still there, you simply need to dig deep to discover it on the teenager level.

Once your teenager strikes the age variety of 18-20, they may be thinking about a space year before university, and those holidays you take with them in their early teenagers might motivate them.

Who understands, you might develop a long-lasting enthusiasm for travel!

Check out our posts on Paris with teenagers, London with teenagers, NewYork City with teenagers, andEuropean river travelling for teenagers and tweens Where should we go next?

TheWorst Age To Travel With Kids

man with toddler on back and young child beside him
HikingWhite Sands

The young child age, in my viewpoint, is the worst age to take a trip with kids

On our Thailand journey there was definitely no time to unwind or to soak up anything around me.

I felt stressed out, overloaded, and extremely nervous. We ought to be taking a trip to experience lightness and delight, not heaviness and tension.

Until they reach the age near 3, when it gets a lot simpler, we will be looking more to journey travel as a method for taking a holiday.

At times I seem like a little a police officer out– you understand when the going gets hard, the phony and softies break down.

We like to show you the reality about travel on our blog site. It can be really hard and filled with obstacles.

Never hesitate to alter instructions or design to whatever brings you one of the most convenience and delight.

TheChallenges of Toddler Travel

So now you understand why we believe babies aged 9 months– 3 are the worst age to take a trip, here’s why we feel Toddlerville is the WORST age to take a trip and how we discovered it additional challenging in South East Asia.

1. Toddlers Can’ t Sit Still

mum holding toddler on boat
I was not letting go

They have actually simply discovered to stroll; they have actually got to practice this brand-new ability.

The legs will not stop moving and if you hold them in your arms for a minutes rest, the fight of the wriggles will start.

Try having a discussion or listening to a tourist guide when that takes place.

Plus the roadways in South East Asia are turmoil, it’s a lot more tough to let them stroll on the walkway, and even in a broader spaced location, the problem they can get themselves into are more widespread.

On our veranda at the Hilton in Phuket was a big space Savannah might perhaps have actually stuck her body through (not 100% sure as we didn’t evaluate it) and crashed to the pavement listed below. We could not sit and unwind on the veranda.

When we took a boat journey to PhangNgha Bay(most likely a foolish choice on our behalf) I nearly had a stress and anxiety attack and seemed like I was going to throw up. There were far a lot of locations she might climb up and fall overboard.

The life vest was on her and I coped the wriggles for the journey, unable to take pleasure in the landscapes much at all.

2. Plane Journeys are Taxing with Toddlers

toddler on plane with coloring book
Trying to keep her captivated on the airplane

LongFlights are Not Good with a Toddler; they will dislike the limited area.

They have problem sleeping and if they get upset and begin weeping you stress a lot about interrupting the peace of the other travelers that your chest and stomach ends up being securely wound and your high blood pressure soars.

You are all so tired by the end of it.

If it is a long flight to another time zone, you may be handling your energetic young child from 4am when they get up of bed prepared to go.

3. Toddlers Need Car Seats

toddler in mini van with no seat belt
Challenging travel

This was most likely among the most difficult experiences in Thailand.

Usually, when we are driving at home, the women are strapped in and you can have down time. It’s among the only locations you can as a moms and dad.

Not in South East Asia, they do not have safety seat, half the time they do not have safety belt.

We were driven around a lot, for hours at a time. Trying to keep Savannah still and covered in our arms was merely terrible. Once they get to the age of around 2 they begin to find out how to sit still.

4. Toddlers Need Nappies/ Diapers

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia
Nappy life at WhitehavenBeach

A headache to bring around, to alter and a great deal of the time to discover rubbish bins to put them in.

5. Toddlers May Still Need Bottles

Holy moly, this is a logistical headache! You might believe that when your infant begins consuming strong foods, it gets simpler– reconsider!

First, you need to bring the bottles and the formula and after that you need to find out a method to clean the bottles every day.

You can’t utilize faucet water as it is not safe for drinking. Depending on where you remain you might not even have centers to clean them.

We had a kettle in our Bangkok Hotel and the Phuket Hilton, so we filled the sink with boiling water and cleaning agent and cleaned them that method.

Our lodging in Bangtao Bay, luckily, had charming employees in the kitchen area who would clean them for us. Apartment stays are way much better with little kids.

6. Toddlers Need a Pram

 toddler in pram
Keeping her captivated near the swimming pool

Prams are useful for navigating and naps when you are out. It’s likewise an enormous discomfort in the arse to carry this additional baggage and to browse uneven Thai streets and hectic Sky trains.

7. Toddlers Need Naps

woman and children sitting on a couch
Not doing a nap!

This can be an advantage if you can get them to sleep since it will provide you a break.

But, their regimen will be various and they might be overstimulated. If you do not get them to sleep throughout the day, when 5pm comes you’ll be grabbing something more powerful than a glass of white wine.

Also, for night time sleeping, they require a portable cot In Thailand, this was tough to come by.

We had 4 nights in a hotel, where Savannah did not have a cot. It’s constantly enjoyable to chase them around a space at 3am.

8. Meal Time is a Nightmare

dinner time with toddler
An unusual seated meal minute

Usually, young children are quite picky eaters. Changing to brand-new food and anticipating the exact same habits is not going to decrease well.

It can show a headache as they decline to attempt brand-new things and you need to turn to french fries and cheese sandwiches, which cost more.

Judging by the tossing up Savannah did the day after the sandwich, maybe the more dodgy alternative too.

Because young children like to twitch and move, quit the concept of taking a seat to take pleasure in a meal. You’re up down up down, getting indigestion as an outcome and refining the moms and dad 5 minutes food toss down.

As a moms and dad, take notice of how rapidly you consume– it’s a really typical taking place. A great deal of the dining establishments in Thailand are on hectic primary roadways. Panic attacks. Again house remains where you can prepare your own food while the kids run around are best.

9. Toddlers Can’ t Talk

mum with toddler smiling

They can’t inform you what they desire or what they require. They can’t inform you when they are ill or where.

Savannah grunts and whines a lot. We quickly found why it had actually intensified when she projectile threw up driving with a van filled with individuals.

We were worried for days as we did not understand if it was gastrointestinal disorder, vehicle illness, or something even worse.

10 Toddlers Can’ t Really Entertain Themselves

two young girls playing on Karon Beach Phuket Thailand
Yes! They’re playing on their own.

This is not me stating I do not wish to have fun with my kids or provide attention, I simply discover it draining pipes to do it every minute of every hour.

EvenKalyra is not terrific at amusing herself. We could not’ have a discussion with anybody without her plucking our attention.

When you are handling the obstacles of travel this additional as needed attention can almost break you. Sometimes you simply require 5 minutes of peaceful.

11 Toddlers are Teething

A little girl walking on a city street
Savannah in Centre Place

This was the minute for the very first time in my life I really wished to go home.

We had Savannah ill for a number of days and after that the teething hit. The eye teeth– infamously referred to as the most uncomfortable. She shrieked for a day and 2 nights.

Our prepares to unwind on the beach for our last 3 days ended with the fist vomit.

12 They’re Too Young for Kids Clubs

young girl wtih painted face at Kids club Thailand
Kalyra likes Kids Club

Not that we ever truly have time to utilize Kid’s Clubs, they are a terrific method to get a break.

Kalyra likewise likes them and asks us to go. We handled to squeeze in a two-hour check out for her at the HiltonPhuket The beginning age for a lot of Kids Clubs is from 2-4 years of age.

IsIt Worth Traveling With Toddlers?

people on a beach
Travel with kids is gratifying

Part of our failure to handle this likewise featured the reality we are travel blog writers and were on a work journey and had particular things we required to do.

And obviously to contribute to this tension, I was ill for a week, Craig wound up ill for a day, and our site had significant concerns.

So when the kids remained in bed and we were up late in the evening to capture up on work, we weren’t working we were handling the tension of attempting to fix our site.

Young kids can be challenging no matter where you remain in the world, however without the regular and routine practices they are utilized to from home, it can be much, much harder.

If you have a young child and you wish to take a trip, our suggestion would be to take a trip in your area or take a trip. Stay in your own nation and check out someplace brand-new, however with some familiarities.

It’s possible to take a trip with young children, and depending upon the experience and location, it might deserve it.


little girl holding a starfish
Savannah with the STAR of the program

We discovered a lot from our time taking a trip with kids from children to teenagers, specifically about how we truly wish to take a trip for the future.

With the nature of what we do, we need to streamline and make it a little simpler for us and the women.

But for you, you may have less going on and it’s “just a holiday” and not even a“business trip”, so more able to handle the obstacles.

We ALWAYS suggest taking a trip with your kids no matter what their age. The benefits deserve getting rid of the obstacles.

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Can you consider any other reasons toddlerville is the worst age to take a trip?

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