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The Most Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Rides in the World!

Flying in a hot air balloon is definitely an extraordinary experience, much various than flying in an aircraft. From inside a balloon basket, you have the ability to witness the extraordinary landscapes, animals, dawns and sundowns in a distinct and unusual method, with 360 ยบ views and outdoor feelings. We’ve gathered a list of the very best hot air balloon flights around the globe, to assist get you motivated to experience views of our world in an entirely brand-new method.

1. Chart, Burma .

Balloon flight in Burma is certainly an unbelievable experience! No matter what time of day, whether at dawn or sundown, there is constantly an amazing landscape listed below to see, total with over 4,000 pagodas and temples. You can reserve a balloon flight in Bagan at Balloons over Bagan, which is extremely ranked on TripAdvisor! .

2. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is among the most popular areas ofTurkey What identifies the city is the lunar landscapes, and your homes and churches sculpted in the rocks. Seeing everything from a bird’s eye view is an extraordinary experience! An hour balloon flight at dawn can be scheduled online with HotAir Ballooning Cappadocia

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3. Atacama Desert, Chile .

Most hot air balloon flights are suggested to be taken at dawn, and this experience in Chile is no exception! Part of what makes this flight so amazing is the gorgeous views of the Valle de la Luna – Moon Valley, which owes its name to the lunar-like landscapes. Atacama Desert is mainly the driest desert worldwide, loaded with raw rocks, salt deserts, dunes and dry land without plants. Balloon flights in Atacama can be scheduled at Balloons over Atacama

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4. Masai Mara, Kenya .

What’s much better than a safari? Flying in a hot air balloon over Kenya! On this flight, below your basket there will be savannas, forests and swamps, and most notably – you’ll see lots of types of animals such as zebras, rhinos, buffaloes, giraffes, elephants, lions and more. The finest time to go to Masai Mary is in between July andOctober A balloon safari can be scheduled at Governor’sBalloon Safaris .

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5. Queenstown, New Zealand .

At this remarkable location, you will seem like you simply strolled onto the set of the Lord of the Rings (where the was shot). Don’t forget to take your electronic camera in addition to you for this flight, due to the fact that extraordinary views of mountains, lakes, fjords will show up throughout your experience. To book a flight at dawn, follow this link here:

SunriseBalloons .

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6. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Every year in October, a worldwide balloon celebration occurs inAlbuquerque Here you can count more than 500 balloons in the sky, making it the biggest occasion of this key in the world. Admission to the celebration costs $ 12, while for a 60- minute flight you will pay in between $ 299 and $ 499 – to book check out: RainbowRyders

7. San Carlos, Costa Rica

Every season of the year is recommendable to go to Costa Rica due to the fact that of its moderate environment. Balloon flights are likewise offered throughout the year and are arranged by Serendipity Adventures, the only balloon operator in CostaRica This 75- minute flight expenses $ 345 and can be scheduled online at SerendipityAdventures .

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(Photo: Serendipity Adventures) .

8. Luxor, Egypt .

Balloon flights are preferred in this area ofEgypt The Nile Valley, Karnak temple complexes and Luxor temple – while they look remarkable from the ground, should likewise be seen from above on a hot air balloon! You can reserve a balloon flight in Egypt here: SinbadHot Air Balloons .

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9. Monument Valley, U.S.A.

Imagine flying over the red rocks, table mountains, plateaus and other rock types in MountainValley This valley is among the most identifiable locations in the United States and has actually been included in lots of movies such as “Return to the Past” and”Transformers” We suggested taking a see from a hot air balloon for a brag-worthy experience. You book your flight here: HotAir Expeditions

The Most Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Rides in the World!

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