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Can you have summertime in Canada without music celebrations? It’s a concern on individuals’s minds as the COVID-19 pandemic put the kibosh on occasions coast to coast to coast.

Even with a total overhaul of how we social range in groups, even with holding occasions outside four-walls-and-a-roof locations, the possibility of any type of mass event to take pleasure in live music and arts is slim. As one occasion after the other surrenders in 2020, celebration organizers discussed their choices and hypothesized on what the future might appear like.

“Festivals are truly lifeblood for many artists, who can work from the beginning of June to that second or third week of September and make a major part of their whole annual income,” stated RPM Music Services‘ RobPattee “Even if the money isn’t the best, merchandise and CD sales are created live and are a big part of that which can’t be recreated online. We can look at new ways of doing things, like Holland Park becoming a drive-in venue or limiting small places’ audiences by half and charging a little more for tickets.”

Another issue heading into the top-earning time of the year is how to preserve momentum with posts ponement. Artists reserved to explore in assistance of an album that was launched prior to the pandemic might have put all their eggs in one basket to promote the record. Festivals which have actually done comparable marketing purchases and advance ticket sales based around a particular lineup have boxes of shiny programs and custom-made Tee shirts that are COVID-19 collector’s products at finest; unsellable at worst.

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