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The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing The American Girl Doll Store

For all girls and doll fans, be prepared to be swept up in the American Girl Doll trend when you check out America.

Boys, you might be swept up too, as there are American Boy Dolls for you.

Parents, hold tight to your wallets, as they will get drawn dry!

Back in Australia, Savannah and I were offered Our Generation Dolls for Christmas, which are replica American Girl dolls.


They have actually been taking a trip with us given that relocating to the U.S.A. and had terrific experiences in Hawaii and California and Bloomington, MN with us.

I’m uncertain Mum and Dad were all set to unexpectedly have 4 kids to stress over when taking a trip, however they appeared to change rather well.

(If you’re a little puzzled by this, it’s me, Kalyra taking control of mum’s blog site once again.)

Manhattan Beach Los Angeles

Savannah and I might not wait to come to the United States and go to the American Girl Doll shops. We had everything prepared and discussed everything the time.

Mum was not persuaded that taking our dolls in to get a manicure and a hair salon treatment was a “good money spend”.

What is it with moms and dads anyhow? And what does “good money spend mean?”

My doll would enjoy therefore would I. Of course that is a great cash invest.

Anyway, we chose we ‘d go to every American Girl Doll shop in America.

We drew up our list of dolls we most desired and devices we were going to purchase and simply informed Mum and Dad a 3rd of it so they didn’t go crazy excessive!

The very first shop we checked out remained in New York City Rockefeller Plaza on our journey to New York City at Christmas and we fell in love.

Tips for visiting the American Girl Doll Store in NYC

Since then we have actually been to the AmericanGirl Doll Store in Chicago and the Mall of America, Bloomington

They have actually all been fantastic and we have actually experienced various things (yes that manicure and hairdresser).

After some persuasion from my Mum’s buddy, Kimmi, I chose to compose a post to assist you have a wonderful experience when you go to the American Girl Doll Store with your Mum (or child, if Mum reads this).

It’s an American cultural custom you do not wish to miss out on!

What are American Girl Dolls?

Tips for visiting an American Girl Doll Store. Kids, don't forget to bring your American Girl Dolls so you can dine with them and visit the salon. Mom and Dad, bring your wallets. Click inside for all the tips!

If you do not understand what American Girl is, it’s an American line of dolls (that are 18 inch/46 cm) that depict 8 to eleven years of age ladies.

Each doll has a various story, culture, and race and there have to do with a million various dolls.

AmericanGirl Dolls teach your kids about history and culture

There is a line of historic dolls called BeFor ever with an overall of 11 dolls that each have a various background in history.

For example, NaneaMitchell, the most recent BeFor ever doll, her story surrounds PearlHarbour

Another example is KitKittridge whose story surrounds the Great Depression.

Savannah has a Beforever doll, Julie, who wishes to use the young boys basketball group. She’s likewise from the hippy age therefore Mum’s individual favorite.

Another line of the American Girl Dolls is Truly Me.

TrulyMe has numerous AG dolls that you can select from, even one that looks similar to you! From hair, eyes, skin color, devices therefore far more.

You can call your Truly Me Doll, too!

TheLast line is Girl of The Year Dolls.

American Girl Doll Store Chicago (4)

Each year AmericanGirl produces a brand-new doll that is just offered for a year. Sometimes even 2 years!

They produce whatever for the the Doll of the Year from clothing, to devices, beds, and anything you can picture!

This year’s Girl of the Year is LucianaVega

Luciana wishes to be the very first woman onMars I believe my Aunty Jenny would like her finest (you understand what I suggest Jen!).

I have in 2015’s Girl Of the Year, Gabriella McBride Gabby is a dancer, artist, and a poet. I enjoy her sass and innovative spirit.

AmericanGirl has actually just recently launched 4 kid dolls! So I think young boys can take pleasure in the shop too. So that is generally all you require to understand about American Girl!

Note from Mum:

TheseAmerican Girl Dolls are lobbyists. I enjoy how they are strong girls who live increasingly and produce modification.

They’re out making their dreams take place therefore a fantastic motivation and good example for girls.

Yes, they are just dolls, however they feature stories, characters and devices that make them so genuine and pertinent to girls, and young boys even!

It makes me much better able to deal with the hole that is burned in my handbag when I stroll in the door.

Where is the American Girl Doll Store?

Tips for visiting the American Girl Store. Kids, make sure you read this before you go and bring your American Girl Doll too. And Mom and Dad, don't forget your wallets :)

There are tones of American Girl Doll shops all throughout America, consisting ofNew York,Chicago, LA, and Mall of America (Bloomington).

There is even a shop near where we reside in Raleigh, NC.

My preferred shop up until now needs to be the NewYork City shop. It was so huge! But I likewise liked theMall of America shop.

All the shops are nearly the exact same, however there may be a number of things one American Girl Doll shop has that the other one does not.

So if you have actually been to one, you have actually been to them all generally. But Savannah and I like to see all American Doll shops in various states and cities. We attempt to go to them all!!

To discover their areas just browse American Girls shop near me in Google or inspect the site for all American Girl doll shop areas.

Here is a list for you also:

  • Atlanta(NorthPoint Mall)
  • Boston(NatickMall)
  • Charlotte(So uthParkMall)
  • Chicago(WaterTower Place)
  • Columbus(EastonTown Center)
  • Dallas(GalleriaDallas)
  • Denver(ParkMeadows)
  • Houston(MemorialCity Mall)
  • KansasCity (OakPark Mall)
  • LosAngeles (TheGrove)
  • Miami(TheFalls)
  • Minneapolis(Mall of America)
  • Nashville(CoolSprings Galleria)
  • NewYork City(RockefellerPlaza)
  • Orlando(TheFlorida Mall)
  • SanFrancisco Bay Area (StanfordShopping Center)
  • Scottsdale(ScottsdaleQuarter)
  • Seattle(AlderwoodMall)
  • Washington, D.C. (TysonsCorner Center)

Check out this video of the AG shop in New York City:

Things to do, see and purchase the American Girl Doll shops

This is no regular toy shop.

Not just do you have spaces of dolls, clothes and devices, however likewise a hair salon and a coffee shop. You can actually invest all the time in there and never ever get tired.

Your moms and dads will be the ones dragging you out.

If you currently have an American Girl Doll make certain to bring it with you to the shop. They enjoy to see their siblings and buddies in the shop AND you’ll require them for the beauty salon and coffee shop.

ShopShop Shop

America Girl Store at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota

Obviously, you are going to go shopping when you check out American Girl.

If you can’t encourage your moms and dads to provide you cash, or you have not made any (that’s a great deal of tasks and one factor I compose for my mum’s blog site), then you can absolutely simply window store.

Mum reckons that is all we are doing at the next AG shop we go to.

All the various kinds of dolls I explained above have their own areas in the shop and each doll will have their own location that is artistically created with the devices and attires that match their individual stories.

I enjoy seeing all the styles and picturing life with that doll.

Be sure to take some time finding out about the dolls so you pick the one that is ideal for you.

I wished to get Gabby due to the fact that she is a lot like me. She likes to dance, sing, and blog about things. Also I enjoy her hair.

Apart from the clothing and devices, they likewise have their own line of books. Each doll will have their own imaginary chapter book story.

Mom has purchased me a few of the American Girl Doll books of off Amazon given that we have actually checked out.

See I have actually pulled her over to the AG side.


America Girl Store at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota

One thing you can do to aid with your AG doll shopping is get an individual consumer. Yes they have individual buyers !!

We had an individual consumer in Bloomington MN, which indicated Mum and Dad might unwind, however it likewise indicated we returned with a great deal of things! Hehe.

Of course, we did not keep back in informing Mary, our individual consumer, our whole dream list.

Mary informed us the stories and backgrounds of some the dolls and revealed us how Maryellen’s Caravan works!

Usually, when we go to a shop, we simply get a clothing and something to come with it, due to the fact that things can get costly!!! So Parents conceal your wallets !!

The AG Salon Experience

America Girl Store at Mall of America

If you bring a doll in, or simply get a doll, you can go to the doll beauty salon. There you can get your doll’s hair and nails and a piercing for your doll!

You can pick the hairdo, nail polish color, and earring for your doll.

Savannah and I did the beauty salon experience, however we didn’t do the piercing. While we were waiting on Gabby and Julie to be ended up, we walked around the store with Mary.

TheAmerican Girl Doll Cafe Experience

Yes, at the American Girl Doll store you can dine with your dolls. Click inside for more tips!

If you get starving while shopping, you can consume at The American Girl DollCafe We have actually consumed at the coffee shop two times.

Lots of kids have their birthday celebrations in the dining establishment.

If you bring a doll with you, you can get a seat for it and the doll can consume with you. But it’s OKAY if you do not bring a doll also, due to the fact that you can obtain one!

Your waiter or waitress will draw out a cup for your buddy, So they do not get thirsty!

Yes, at the American Girl Doll store you can eat with your dolls. See inside for more tips for visiting an American Girl Doll store!

I would state the food is okay, however expensive.

Just a direct for shopping and consuming, you can’t simply can be found in with $50 due to the fact that then you will just have the ability to get a hairbrush and a beverage.

CreateYour Own American Girl Doll

AmericanGirl has actually simply included a brand-new destination. You can make and personalize your own doll!

Step right approximately the style center and make the doll appearance precisely like you, or nevertheless you desire it to appear like.

That’s on my dream list for my next check out, although Mum reckons she has enough AG kids now.

You can pick a clothing, and devices for it too. Another thing is you can make your own clothing for any doll of your picking.

If you wish to do this, you can do it at a shop or on the American Girl site.

How much do American Girl Dolls Cost?

American Girl Doll Store - one of the best things to do in NYC with kids

Oh, you’ve been waiting on it have not you?

There’s no other method to inform it to you then directly. American Girl Dolls expense around $115

If you make and personalize a doll, it is around $200 however it deserves it!

The doll typically includes their very first book (you need to purchase the other books individually) perhaps one little device however that’s it. When you open package the doll you picked will be using their primary attire.

If you personalize a doll the doll will be using the product you picked and have the devices you picked in package with it.

You need to purchase other products, clothing, devices, and hairbrushes individually.

An attire would typically cost in between $15 to $20 Or perhaps more. It depends upon what attire you are getting.

And for devices they would be around the exact same from $10 to $30 Again it depends upon what you are getting. For example, the Julie’s banana seat bike is $157

AmericanGirl Doll Tips

How to get ready for your experience at the American Girl Doll Store

If you wish to go to a shop, and you are preparing to go to one quickly, here is what you ought to bring.

  1. Obviously your kids! But, I have actually seen a great deal of grownups getting dolls on their own. I suggest, who can blame them? But if you have kids then I would absolutely consider bringing them to American Girl, due to the fact that if they enjoy barbies they would enjoy it!
  2. And obviously cash! It does get costly so I may bring more then $30, however it’s completely approximately you! If you were getting a doll, then perhaps a couple hundred dollars. (see this shop can be hazardous)
  3. Kids, if you currently have dolls, bring them. Because as I stated previously, you can consume with them, and take them to the beauty salon. Make them seem like high-end dolls!
  4. Bring your finest convincing powers. You’re going to require them if you wish to leave of the AG door with your dream list marked off. They will alter your life!

The quantity of times I have actually stated “doll” and “American Girl” is in fact unbelievable.

But it is The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing the American Girl Doll Store!

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Tell me, do you enjoy AG dolls? Who do you have? Do you go to the shops? What’s your preferred thing to do there and your finest idea? How do you encourage your moms and dads to broaden your AG collection?

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