Tips for biking on the Arbutus Greenway in Vancouver, BC

What to understand about riding this broad north-south path appropriate for all bikes and physical fitness levels.

TheArbutus Greenway ranges from False Creek to the FraserRiver It is a shared walking and biking course that when was a Canadian Pacific Railway train track. In2016, the city purchased the land from the CPR and transformed it into its present type: a broad asphalt path that usually takes a trip north-south.

The northern entryway of the greenway is simply off Fir Street in between West 5th and sixth opportunities, by the start of sixth and FirPark It meanders southbound, rather parallel to ArbutusStreet The southern entryway is by Milton Street (75 th Avenue), a stone’s toss from the FraserRiver

The greenway’s course itself is rather broad and divided by a painted line: the western half for bicyclists and non-pedestrians and the eastern half for pedestrians. As it is a popular road for commuters and leisure users, there are benches and waste bins along the method.

The greenway likewise goes by a number of parks such as Quilchena and Riverview.

There is really little climbing associated with biking the greenway. Southbound, there is a mild slope from 5th to 41 st opportunities, however there are stretches of flats in between. Northbound, there is likewise a mild slope from Milton Street (75 th Avenue) to 49 thAvenue All bikes and all physical fitness levels must have little problem in passing through the whole greenway.

The greenway is excellent for linking to the following paths and locations:

  • Travelling south:Heading into Richmond (either by the Arthur Laing, or by the Canada Line Bikeway); and even taking a trip east through southern Vancouver by means of Kent Avenue.
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  • Travelling north: Heading to Granville Island, the sea wall, downtown, Stanley Park and even to the North Shore.
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Interesting note: The Arbutus Official Development and Transportation 2040 strategies consist of the ultimate building of a tram system down the ArbutusGreenway As such, the Arbutus Greenway, as it presently is, is thought about a short-term path.