Tips For Visiting Horseshoe Bend, Arizona along the Colorado River

If you have actually seen photos of Arizona, or perhaps marketing U.S.A. travel in basic, I’m practically specific you have actually seen the popular Horseshoe Bend.

Tips for going to Horseshoe Bend Arizona

Know what I am discussing now?

The great news is going to Horseshoe Bend can be fast and simple when going to the neighboring Page, AZ location. The problem is you will most likely be sharing it with great deals of other individuals– attempt to prevent the peak time in between 10 am– 3 pm.

What is Horseshoe Bend?

HorseshoeBend is where the Colorado River makes a huge sweeping horseshoe formed bend in the canyon. It’s an attractive viewpoint and you get a broad scenic view of it.

I particularly enjoyed the emerald green water of the Colorado River listed below, which is not a color you normally see of the Colorado River.

VisitingHorseshoe Bend

Tips for visiting Horseshoe Bend

There isn’t much to do at Horseshoe Canyon itself, other than look in marvel, although it depends upon the number of pictures you wish to draw from numerous various angles.

You can stroll to specific perspectives along the rim, however there is just a little area that is in fact fenced.

Standing on the edge of the high cliffs was rather frightening. I was surprised at the number of individuals would run the risk of falling off the edge simply to take that desired Instagram worthwhile image.

No thanks!

Tips for visiting Horseshoe Bend
Do not stroll near the edge!

This is primarily a natural landmark, so care is critical— we remained well back and just took pictures up close where there was a fence in front people at Horseshoe bend neglect.

At one phase, I actioned in to pull a young kid far from the rim. His brave interest taking him better and better to the edge. My stomach felt ill enjoying and I could not however lure him back.

While we remained in the GrandCanyon area, 2 individuals in fact passed away from falling off the rim attempting to take pictures. It’s not worth it. You can get lots of magnificent pictures from the world of security.

There are lots of boats travelling down the river listed below and we might spy camping area toilets on the banks throughout the river. I was motivated to come down into the canyon either on land or by boat to check out the viewpoint from down there.

Tips for visiting Horseshoe Bend

You most likely just require 30-60 minutes at Horseshoe Bend.But you might wish to extend that with a picnic to delight in with the views.

I ‘d state dawn or sundown would be magnificent time to go to Horseshoe Bend, and the middle of the day in summer season would be HOT.

If I was to go to the LakePowell and the Page Arizona area once again, I would go to Horseshoe Bend at dawn or sundown.

TheGrand Canyon East

It was just a number of weeks after going to Horseshoe Bend that we recognized it’s in fact thought about part of the Grand Canyon East Rim location.

TheGrand Canyon East Rim location is not like the north rim or south rim and west rim, where you can base on the rim of the Grand Canyon and check out it.

The east side of the Grand Canyon is where the Glen Canyon location combines into it, so the area around here is thought about part of Grand Canyon East.

Horseshoe is a special and magnificent viewpoint of the Grand Canyon!

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

It’s the only location along the Grand Canyon where you can get an up close selfie of the Colorado River as it makes its sculpting relocation downstream.

TheGrand Canyon East is likewise stated to integrate Antelope Canyon, the Glen Canyon Recreation Area and Lake Powell.

Things to do near Horseshoe Bend

You remain in luck. Horseshoe Bend Arizona is surrounded by lots of cool destinations in the Page and Lake Powell area.

You can quickly integrate them into a full-day experience. I in fact would not make the journey to Horseshoe Bend unless you were going to do other things in the Lake Powell/ Page area.


Lake Powell

With its sculptured white and red sandstone and blue waters, Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is a superb location to go to.

It’s a sanctuary in the desert surrounded by a splendid canyon– below and above the water.

LakePowell is an enormous guy made lake with loads of leisure activities available. We didn’t do much besides enjoy our outdoor camping area right on the beach at Lone Rock Beach.

I enjoyed this location. It’s gorgeous and provides a peaceful vacation.

Most of Glen Canyon sleeps under the surface area of Lake Power.

The upper sandstone walls nevertheless beckon you to come play. Whereas with the Grand Canyon you can primarily simply look with marvel and incomprehension, here at Glen Canyon you can boat, ski, fish, kayak, paddle board or swim amongst the towering domes and cliff walls.

Camping at Lake Powell, Lone Rock Beach Campground
Camping at Lake Powell, Lone Rock Beach Campground

We kayaked, paddle boarded and swam in the lake at Lone RockBeach Well, just a fast 2-minute dip as it was early April and still extremely cold.

Other locations of interest to go to in this location consist of:

  • RainbowBridge— the world’s biggest natural bridge, just available by boat and trips. And consists of a laborious walking from Navajo mountain. This is a spiritual website to surrounding people, so be considerate and do not climb up the bridge.
  • Rent a houseboat and check out additional afield.
  • Hike into Glen Canyon’s back-country.


Lower Antelope Canyon
On our Lower Antelope canyon trip
AntelopeCanyon is a guaranteed emphasize of a check out to the Page and Lake Powell location. You can quickly integrate it with a journey to Horseshoe Bend on the very same day. (This trip from Las Vegas includes both)

You may acknowledge it from the old Microsoft screen saver. The most pricey photo offered of Antelope Canyon chose $6.5 million. That’s how outstanding those refined crevices in the slot canyon are.

You can learn more in our post on how to go to AntelopeCanyon

GlenCanyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam

If you wish to admire excellent engineering accomplishments than drop in at the Glen Canyon Dam visitor center.

In1963, Glen Canyon dam started supporting the waters of the Colorado River that now have actually developed 1,9000 miles of coastline at LakePowell There are cool complimentary displays describing how it was constructed and why. You get gorgeous views from here of the Colorado River and the dam.

You can pay to do a directed trip of the Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant–Learn more here.


Page was established as the business town for the building and construction of the Glen CanyonDam It’s now a traveler and leisure center for visitors to the location.

It’s rather a golf enthusiast’s capital and is a fantastic base for checking out the neighboring destinations.

Getting to Horseshoe Bend

HorseshoeBend lies simply outside the town of Page (10- minutes away) and right near Lake Powell.

Page has to do with 114 miles from the GrandCanyon and 273 miles from LasVegas and 157 miles from Sedona

HorseshoeBend has actually ended up being so hectic, they were developing a brand-new, big parking lot when we checked out, and we needed to park some methods down the roadway and pay a $5 per individual shuttle bus cost to return down there.


If the brand-new parking lot is still not open, have the motorist of your cars and truck drop everybody off at Horseshoe Bend neglect location prior to parking your cars and truck and capturing the shuttle bus. For a household of 4, that conserved us $15

Car & & Recreational Vehicle Rental

If you do not have your own cars and truck, check listed below for rental cars and truck alternatives from Las Vegas and from Sedona, or Phoenix.

You might want to lease your own Recreational Vehicle, campervan or motorhome. Check out Outdoorsy and Recreational Vehicle share.

Tours to Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Check out the listed below Horseshoe Bend trips from Las Vegas, Sedona, and Flagstaff:

Where to Stay in Page, Arizona

Lone Rock Beach Campground
Boondocking at Lone Rock Beach Campground

As pointed out, we camped for $12 a night at the LoneRock Beach Campground on Lake Powell, which has to do with 30 minutes from Page.

Other alternatives consist of:

See all hotels in Page here.

You can discover over 200 Airbnb homes, houses and retreats in the Page location. Click here to see offered alternatives.

OtherPlaces to Visit in the American Southwest

Planning a journey in the Southwest, here are more excellent tips:

Places to go to near Antelope Canyon

Combine the listed below locations when going to Antelope Canyon:

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