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Tokyo food & beverage guide: 10 things to attempt in Tokyo, Japan

With a strong concentrate on freshness and seasonality, Tokyo is must-visit for anybody who considers themselves a food lover

Japanese food might appear easy in the beginning glimpse– a piece of fish covering a little pod of rice or noodles swimming in a bowl of broth– however when you begin to collect the best active ingredients and prepare them, you would comprehend why it takes years to train a sushi chef or best the supreme umami taste. In Japanese food, every aspect– from active ingredients to procedure and discussion– is well considered and thoroughly carried out. Perhaps it is with this eagerness that Tokyo has more 3-starred Michelin dining establishments than other cities worldwide.

In this guide, we cover 10 things that you must attempt while checking out Tokyo.

1. Sushi

Beloved by lots of all over the world, sushi is a common function of Tokyo’s lots of dining establishments and food stalls. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or supper, somebody someplace will be taking pleasure in sushi in Tokyo at any one moment. This is since Tokyo is house to the world-famous Tsukiji fish market that offers delicious, fresh fish every day to dining establishments and chefs around the city and likewise throughout the nation.

InTokyo, the similarity nigiri sushi (rice topped with raw or prepared fish that sandwiches a little serving of wasabi paste) and gunkanmaki (rice and fish are covered with a strip of seaweed) are the most popular variations and must certainly be tested throughout any Tokyo journey. If fish is not your favourite, inarizushi (rice covered in a pouch of fried tofu) is a tasty option.

Where to attempt sushi in Tokyo

  • With several places in Tokyo, Sushiro is a fantastic chain dining establishment specialising in sushi.
  • Kyubey, among Tokyo’s most popular sushi stalwarts, can be discovered in the upmarket Ginza district at 8 Chome -7 -6.
  • For a Michelin design experience, three-starred Sushi Saito lies in Minato, ARK Hills South Tower, 1F– however remember that it just seats 8 individuals and a location must be booked months beforehand.
  • For an everyday experience, take in among the lots of conveyor belt sushi dining establishments in Tokyo.

A conveyor-belt sushi restaurant in Tokyo
A conveyor-belt sushi dining establishment in Tokyo

2. Yakitori

Yakitori is cuts of chicken (or other meats) that are skewered by ‘kushi’ (usually a bamboo stick) and grilled over hot charcoal. Considered as a kind of ‘fast food’, yakitori is flavoured with a range of sauces, although our leading choices are soy sauce and yuzu kosho.

You will discover yakitori served simply all over throughout Tokyo’s food stalls, casual izakaya (Japanese bar) and even in premium dining establishments. As with sushi, there is yakitori to match every rate point in Tokyo.

Where to attempt yakitori in Tokyo

  • Pick an instructions– any instructions– and go. There are numerous locations serving fantastic yakitori. As it is so ingrained in the Tokyo dining experience, it is most likely that you will be having yakitori several times throughout your remain in Tokyo.
  • VisitOmoide Yokocho (MemoryLane)– a network of narrow streets near the West Exit of ShinjukuStation There are lots of yakitori stalls around here.
  • Alternatively, go to Tokoshima (2-8-10Sangenjaya, Setagaya) which lots of reckon is among the very best yakitori dining establishments in Tokyo.

An alley with many yakitori bars in Omoide Yokocho
An street with lots of yakitori bars in Omoide Yokocho

3. Monjayaki

Monjayaki is a meal that you are not most likely to see beyond Kanto (the area including Tokyo). Comfort food to lots of, monjayaki (or simply monja to the residents), is a kind of pan-fried batter with carefully sliced or grated active ingredients freely scattered throughout the batter mix on the frying pan.

On first blush, it might not look the most appetising meal, however there is a reason that it is so popular– it is exceptionally scrumptious, and flexible too, as you can top it with all sorts of active ingredients, anything from cheese to crispy noodles.

Where to attempt monjayaki in Tokyo
The leading area for monjayaki needs to be Tsukishima, passionately referred to as the monjayaki district. Located in Tokyo Bay, this manufactured island functions 70+ dining establishments specialising in this regional favourite.

Man eating Monjayaki in Tsukishima
EatingMonjayaki in Tsukishima

4. Cute foods

InJapan, cuteness (kawaii) is more than simply a design or an appearance– it is engrained in the culture. Back in the old days, cuteness had an unfavorable undertone as it was utilized by Japanese males to explain females as‘child-like’ But the principle was repurposed throughout the 20 th century to produce an entire culture of cuteness that has actually charmed not just Japan, however lots of countless individuals all over the world too. Hello Kitty and Pokemon are 2 popular examples of kawaii homes that have actually ended up being around the world phenomena.

So with Japan’s love for food, it is not a surprise that you will discover lots of kawaii foods. Some are based upon popular kawaii homes, such as the wonderful and scrumptious Totoro cream puffs (based upon the world-famous animated movie from Studio Ghibli, My Neighbor Totoro) and donuts embellished with representations of kawaii animals. Either method, you will discover a great deal of distinct kawaii foods that will not just leave your stomach satiated, however likewise your ‘cute aggression’ feels too.

Where to attempt charming foods in Tokyo

  • Find popular Totoro cream puffs specifically at Shirohige Cream Puff Factory at 5-3-1 Daita, Setagaya.
  • Delightful animal-styled donuts prevail however the prettiest (and most environmentally-friendly) ones are readily available at Floresta Donut chains around Tokyo.
  • Kawaii isn’t simply everything about sweet taste– you’ll likewise discover Hello Kitty hamburger plates (total with pink hamburger buns) at the popular Character Food Court in Sanrio Puroland theme park, Tama New Town.

Totoro cream puffs at Shirohige Cream Puff Factory
Totoro cream puffs at Shirohige Cream Puff Factory

5. Ramen

You can’t check out Japan without attempting ramen. Originally presented to Japan by method of Chinese immigrants, ramen is an adaption of Chinese wheat noodles accompanied by roasted pork in a broth. Since the 19 th century, ramen has actually progressed into a clearly Japanese meal. Today, there are quickly a couple of hundred kinds of area-based ramen variations in Japan.

InTokyo, there is a shocking variety of 5,000 dining establishments specialising in ramen within the city alone– you can have it in a dining establishment gave you by wait personnel or you can enjoy it while standing (in spending plan cafés that do not provide seats however you can rub shoulders with salarymen).

Where to attempt ramen in Tokyo

  • The initial Ippudo Ramen– which now has dining establishments globally– is a must-visit. Ippudo has a number of outlets in Tokyo consisting of one in Ginza.
  • For the supreme ramen experience, be prepared to queue and snag a seat at the Michelin- starred Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta at 3-2-4 B1 Nishihara Shibuya- ku.
  • Vegans, vegetarians and those trying to find a somewhat various ramen experience might wish to look for the T’s Tantan chain, situated in numerous places around the city (consisting of, rather helpfully, in Tokyo station).

Hyakufuku Genji Ramen ©
HyakufukuGenji Ramen ©Ippudo com

6. Kaisen- donburi (seafood ricebowl)

Like ramen, seafood donburi has less expensive variations that make a fantastic meal for those who are circumnavigating Tokyo on a spending plan. This meal is likewise filling and loaded filled with nutrition.

The term ‘donburi’ basically equates as a bowl of prepared rice topped with a range of foods. In kaisen-donburi, you can discover seafood such as shrimps, tuna, crab, sea urchin and salmon roe. If you do not like seafood, order one that is topped with beef or pork.

Where to attempt kaisen-donburi in Tokyo

  • Many of the tastiest, best-priced choices are readily available at Ginhachi at 2-9-12Ginza
  • A somewhat more expensive alternative is Tsujihan at 3-1-15Nihombashi.

Kaisen- donburi

7. Craft beers

There are lots of places all over the world where you simply need to attempt the regional craft beers and Tokyo is definitely among those locations. The art of craft beer has actually been progressively growing in Japan for many years and there are lots of wonderful little bars that provide a social experience and distinct vibes.

Where to attempt craft beers in Tokyo

  • The small IBREW (2-11 -7 Yaesu, Masumi Building) is simply a brief walk from TokyoStation The beer menu modifications practically daily, providing various designs of craft beers on tap. IBREW likewise has a number of outlets throughout Japan.
  • NearGotanda Station, Craftsman (2 Chome-18 -3) likewise provides exceptional craft beers on tap, along with some fantastic complimentary food choices.


8. Whiskey

WhileCampbeltown in Scotland was when thought about the scotch capital of the world, one would not be questioned today if they were to bestow that title onTokyo The Japanese individuals like scotch and the world enjoys Japanese scotch, which just indicates the scotch scene in Tokyo is exceptionally lively.

Where to attempt scotch in Tokyo

  • HibiyaBar Whisky- s at 3-3-9 Ginza.
  • HighFive at BF 5-4-15Efflore Ginza 5 Building.
  • Zoetrope at 7-10-14Nishi Shinjuku.
  • AppreJapanese whisky and sake bar at Nonbei Yokocho 1-25 -9 Shibuya.

© Hibiya Bar Whisky-s
© Hibiya Bar Whisky- s

9. Sake

When discussing Japanese alcohols, we ‘d be remiss to overlook sake. This standard Japanese drink is made from fermented rice and water. As such, the very best sake originates from areas with great access to tidy, distilled water sources. As Tokyo is a cultural center of Japan, you will discover all the very best Japanese sake in the city too.

Where to attempt sake in Tokyo

  • KuriBack Japanese bar (庫裏 くり 和酒場) at numerous places, consisting of one at 3 Chome-19 -4 Shinbashi.
  • AppreJapanese whisky and sake bar at Nonbei Yokocho 1-25 -9 Shibuya.
  • Akita’s sake bar (1-4-12Kabukicho, Shinjuku).
  • Kurand sake market (3-9-9 Shinjuku, 4F Watasei Tama Building).

It is likewise worth going on a trip to among the breweries, however you need to pre-book to prevent frustration.

  • IshikawaBrewery (1 Kumagawa, Fussa- shi) has to do with 1 hour from Shinjuku station by train (take JR Ome line). Alight at Haijima Station and walk 20 minutes to the brewery.
  • OzawaShuzo (2-770Sawai, Ome-City) has to do with 1 hour and 30 minutes from Shinjuku station by train (take JR Ome line). Alight at Sawai Station and stroll 3 minutes to the brewery.

Japanese sake
Japanese sake

10 Japanese cheesecake

Finishing off our list, it appears suitable to leave things on the sweet note of a popular dessert in Japan: Japanese cheesecake, which is really light and fluffy in contrast to the weightier cheesecakes in theWest Additionally, Japanese cheesecake likewise includes less sugar, making it a friendly alternative for those who are dieting.

Where to attempt Japanese cheesecake in Tokyo

  • CheeseGarden (either at Ikebukuro and Sumida) is a fantastic location to get the genuine Japanese cheesecake experience.
  • PABLO (Akihabara and other places) is a preferred amongst the Tokyoites for supplying something completely various: cheesecakes that look like pies.
  • If you desire something a bit richer and a bit various, try Buono’s little, abundant cheesecakes. The address is 1-Chome -9 -1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda.

Japanese cheesecake is light and fluffy ©
Japanese cheesecake is light and fluffy ©Cheesegarden jp

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