Travel most current: Only 4 vacation choices without any limitations left as Italy loses air bridge

T ransport Secretary Grant Shapps the other day revealed in a declaration on Twitter that Italy, Vatican City and the microstate of San Marino would be losing their ‘air bridge’ status from this Sunday October 18 at 4am, leaving simply 4 restriction-free locations for British holidaymakers: Germany, Gibraltar, Greece and Sweden.

Even then, numerous of these have exceptions: Mykonos is not consisted of in Greece’s air bridge; and Germany has actually included Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, big parts of northern England and the Midlands to its list of high-risk locations, implying anybody showing up from these locations should take a test on arrival.

There are a variety of other nations with air bridge status, consisting of Cyprus, Barbados, St Lucia and the Seychelles, however all have differing levels of limitations– consisting of tests prior to arrival and, sometimes, being limited to your hotel for a specific variety of days prior to taking a 2nd test.

Given how couple of choices are left for British holidaymakers, the call for airport screening could not be more powerful.

There was some excellent news in the statement however, with Scotland and Wales signing up with England in raising the necessary 14- day quarantine requirement on arrivals from Crete, in addition to the Greek mainland and all Greek islands other than Mykonos.

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