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Three brand-new cruising team have actually been signed by 11 th Hour Racing Team, the U.S.-based overseas cruising group with a sight set on winning The Ocean Race 2022-23 Great Britain’s Simon Fisher and Rob Greenhalgh, and Australia’s Kyle Langford were validated as the current team members to sign up with skipper Charlie Enright and CEO MarkTowill

Enright and Towill, completing for the 3rd time, will gain from previous winners Fisher and Greenhalgh, who will remain in their 6th successive Ocean Race, while Langford will remain in his 2nd lap around the world.

Originally arranged for 2021-22, The Ocean Race (previously The Volvo Ocean Race) was delayed a year due to COVID-19, a hold-up that might an advantage the 11 th Hour Racing Team as they adjust to the high-performance, hindering, IMOCA 60 class in which they are gotten in.

“Thanks to the early support we have from our title sponsor 11th Hour Racing, we have a long run up to the start of The Ocean Race in 2022-23,” statedEnright “It’s important to us that we bring in the very best talent and there aren’t many more experienced sailors than SiFi or Rob. And to have an exceptionally talented sailor like Kyle join the team is a signing we are all excited about.”

Greenhalgh, initially from Brighton on the south coast of the U.K., now lives in Sydney,Australia “What keeps me coming back to this race is the physical and mental challenge, more now than ever, since we aren’t racing in a one-design boat,” statedGreenhalgh

“That brings a whole new dimension to the racing and one I’m really looking forward to. Everyone wants to be part of the best team and there is a big advantage of being on a team that is out there sailing early, so I jumped at the chance to join 11th Hour Racing Team.”

Greenhalgh started in 2005-06 when he belonged to the winning ABN AMRO ONE project for TheNetherlands Three years later on, he ended up as runner-up with U.S.-flagged PUMA Ocean Racing and has actually given that completed in 3 more Ocean Races, most just recently in another second-place surface with Spanish entry MAPFRE.

Fisher, who won the 2014-15 edition of The Ocean Race as navigator onboard Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, divides his time in between the U.K. and Barcelona,Spain “It’s exciting to be in a position where we can challenge for a win in a new class,” statedFisher “Mark and Charlie have put together a very strong group of sailors and shore crew and it’s great to be part of a team once again.”.

Racing in an open class brings the significance of private yacht style back to The Ocean Race after 10 years in one style boats. “As someone who is focused on optimizing and developing the systems on board I’m keen to demonstrate that with the technology available we don’t have to compromise performance to operate sustainably and actually it is possible to gain a performance advantage,” sharedFisher “That’s going to be my focus over the coming months and years.”.

AustralianLangford, from Lake Macquarie, was a world champ at 21, an America’s Cup winner at 24, and completed in the last Ocean Race at 28, ending up on the podium with the Dutch entry TeamBrunel He is now excited to support the group’s objective of winning with sustainability at the core of all operations, motivating favorable action amongst cruising and seaside neighborhoods, and worldwide sports fans to develop lasting modification for ocean health.

“I’ve been very fortunate in my sailing career to travel all over the world to many countries, sailed across the oceans and witnessed firsthand the impact that humans are having on the environment,” kept in mindLangford “Working with marine businesses from the inside of the industry, sharing better practices and the small changes we can make to the way we live will go a long way to preserving our ocean and marine life. To have a voice in that, whilst racing around the world, is an absolute privilege.”.

Newport hosted a main homecoming for 11 th Hour Racing Team on September 18 after the group crossed the Atlantic in their freshly refitted IMOCA 60 leaving from Concarneau, France at the start ofAugust The group will be training for the next couple of months from Newport, RhodeIsland

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Here was the strategy prior to the 2022-23 post ponement:
TheOcean Race 2021-22(previously The Volvo Ocean Race) will be raced in 2 classes of boats: the high-performance, hindering, IMOCA 60 class and the one-design VO65 class which has actually been utilized for the last 2 editions of the race. Entries in the IMOCA 60 class will complete for The Ocean Race prize, while those racing the VO65 s will chase after the Ocean ChallengeTrophy

TenStopovers for 14 th Edition:
Alicante,Spain: This historical Mediterranean port will host the start for the 5th successive edition in the fall of2021

CaboVerde: More accustomed to having offshore groups cruise by, or pick up repair work, this island chain of 10 volcanic islands in the main Atlantic Ocean will end up being simply the 2nd African location the race has actually ever gone to and the very first West African country to host the occasion. Details

CapeTown, South Africa: Located on the coast of Table Bay, Cape Town, as the earliest metropolitan location in South Africa, was established by the United East India Company (VOC) as a supply station for Dutch ships cruising to East Africa, India, and the FarEast Located at latitude 33.55 ° S, it’s around the like Sydney and Buenos Aires and comparable to Casablanca and Los Angeles in the northern hemisphere. Details

Shenzhen,China: Located in the southeast, the city is a modern-day metropolitan area that connects Hong Kong to China’s mainland. It’s understood for its shopping locations and functions modern structures, such as the 600 m-tall high-rise building Ping An International Finance Centre, and a variety of theme park. The city is a leading worldwide innovation center and was among the fastest-growing cities on the planet in the 1990 s and the 2000 s. Details

Auckland,New Zealand: European, Polynesian, Asian, and strong Maori heritages offer Auckland its distinct culture. Located in the North Island of New Zealand, it is the most populated metropolitan location in the nation with a city population of around 1,570,100 Details

Itaja í, Brazil: To the south of Rio de Janeiro, Itaja í was established in the mid-19 th century by German and Italian colonists, and is now the business centre and Atlantic port for a farming area drained pipes by the Itaja í River and its tributaries. Details

Newport, U.S.A.: Located on Aquidneck Island, Newport is 74 miles south of Boston and 180 miles northeast of New YorkCity It is called a New England summertime resort and is popular for its historical estates and its abundant cruising history. It was the place of every difficulty to the America’s Cup in between 1930 and1983 It is likewise the house of Naval Station Newport, which houses the United States Naval War College, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and an essential Navy training center. This is the 3rd successive edition of the race to drop inNewport Details

Aarhus,Denmark: The course pertains to the east coast of the Jutland peninsula throughout the spring of 2022, following a popular ‘Fly-By’ of the city throughout the last leg of the 2017-18 edition of theRace Details

TheHague, Netherlands: This city along the North Sea coast will invite the race for a 3rd successive time, very first coming as a ‘pitstop’ on the last leg of the 2014-15 edition and as the last surface port for the 2017-18 race. Details

Genoa,Italy: As the birth place of Christopher Columbus, this newbie race host is Italy’s biggest sea port yet stays filled with magnificence as the entrance to the Riviera while using weighty architectural heritage. Details

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