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Vehicles crashed into 50 Northland power poles in 12 months

Northland’s electrical energy lines business and roadway security specialists desire vehicle drivers to take more care after 50 automobiles struck power poles throughout the area this year.

Northland vehicle drivers are prompted to drive with more care following a wave of crashes including automobiles striking Top Energy and Northpower’s electrical energy possessions.

The Northland electrical energy lines business have actually reported 51 occurrences because December 2018– 50 of them are where automobiles have actually struck power poles.

Earlier this month, a vehicle got a power pole on the Top Energy Network, triggering a significant scrub fire at Kerikeri Peninsula and cutting power to 1000 customers.

Northland Road Safety’s Ian Crayton-Brown desires individuals to decrease, take more time to get to their location and be more watchful of prospective roadside dangers.

“This time of year is particularly challenging and a higher risk time with more people on the roads travelling to holiday destinations. We don’t want to see fatal and serious injury crashes on Northlands roads,” Brown stated.

“Getting to your destination safely or not can be greatly influenced by not being impaired, driving distracted or fatigued, wearing your seatbelt and your children all restrained correctly. Your speed, reaction time and condition of your tyres also have a huge influence on the stopping distance and crash outcome. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Northpower and Top Energy are backing Northland Road Safety and together, the 3 entities wish to see less individuals harmed on Northland roadways.

“We ask people to reduce their speed and take extra caution this holiday season, so we all can get to our destinations safely and spend that quality time with friends and family,”
NorthpowerNetwork basic supervisor Josie Boyd stated.

“If you are in a vehicle that takes down a power pole or powerlines and the lines end up on or around the vehicle, or if you can’t safely drive clear of the lines, phone 111 immediately and stay in the vehicle until you are told it is safe to get out. If you come across an accident scene involving downed powerlines – stay at least 10 metres clear and phone 111 immediately.”

Top Energy’s Network Operations Manager Tony Smallman stated if individuals do need to leave a lorry due to fire, they need to not touch the car and the ground at the very same time when leaping clear.


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