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VOTE and Get Away Under a Rock for $5 a Night

We most likely do not require to inform you to VOTE if you can, however we’ll state it anyhow. After you cast that tally, desires you to take pleasure in a check out of truth at this manufactured cavern developed 50 feet listed below the ground in NewMexico The Abraham Lincoln motivated “presidential rate” runs $5 a night and your stay would be for 5 nights. The catch is that you require to be the very first to click through to the reservation page on October 9th at 9 AM EST.

If you’re not the super-lucky fastest remote control, then you’ll likewise discover a lot of other residential or commercial properties for 20% off utilizing discount code “UnderARock”– we want you luck!

Post-BallotEscape Timeframe: 7.Oct 2020 – 7.Dec 2020

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VOTE and Get Away Under a Rock for $5 a Night

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