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Travellers with a daring hunger and a strong stomach can look for these 9 unusual and fantastic specials from worldwide

Guinea pig: Peru

Most frequently considered as cuddly animals in numerous parts of the world, guinea pigs are really a bbq favourite inPeru Cuy(a meal of guinea pig) is so established in the Peruvian culture that a painting in the Cusco Cathedral programs Christ and his disciples delighting in guinea pigs and a legal holiday (2nd Friday of October) is committed to the animal.

This special is frequently prepared in 2 methods: baked or spit-roasted ( cuy al horno) and deep-fried in spices ( cuy chactado). The animal is generally served with head and legs connected, in addition to salad and potatoes. When it pertains to the taste, a prepared guinea pig can be compared to a bunny, and the meat is gamier than chicken.

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Roasted guinea pig
Roasted guinea pig

Century eggs: China

Also referred to as pidan, century eggs are eggs protected in a mix of strong black tea, a lot of salt, lime and newly charred wood ashes for a number of months (not 100 years, disappointedly). As an outcome of this prolonged procedure, the yolk changes into a dark green compound while the white ends up being clear jelly.

It is believed that this popular treat dates from the Ming Dynasty (1368– 1644). Today, this standard fare is acted as an appetiser and accompanied by marinaded ginger, or for breakfast with thin rice porridge. Alternatively, you can keep things easy and simply peel and cut the egg into wedges.

Sometimes, salt can crystallise and form patterns on the egg surface area like snowflakes on the branches of an evergreen– when this occurs, the eggs are called songhua dan(pine-patterned egg).

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Century eggs
Century eggs

Tarantulas: Cambodia

Anyone who has arachnophobia must avert now, as sautéed spiders are a local special inCambodia The town of Skuon in specific, is the centre of the nation’s tarantula trade with numerous street suppliers offering this popular treat to residents and travelers.

Reaching to about the size of a human hand, these edible tarantulas are referred to as a-ping inKhmer The female tarantulas (with eggs in their abdominal areas) command a greater cost than the male equivalent. They are generally deep-fried, so the outside is crispy however the within is soft and gooey, offering a great textural contrast.

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Tarantulas on a tray

Surstr ömming: Sweden

You are not most likely to discover this Swedish meal beside the meatballs in IKEA.

Surstr ömming, equating to ‘sour herring’ in English, is salted and fermented Baltic Sea herring captured in spring. Smaller in size than the Atlantic herring, the fish is covered with salt and delegated ferment for months, leading to an overpoweringly strong odor and acidic-like flavour.

You can purchase surströmming in a tin– open it, wash and gut the fish, prior to covering it in a kind of sweet flatbread (tunnbröd) with diced onion and pieces of almond potatoes (a range of little potatoes). Because the odor is effective, many people enjoy this special al fresco.

If you are wanting to take pleasure in surströmming like a real regional, go to the town of Alfta (286 km or 178 miles north of Stockholm) and participate in the surströmming celebration at the end of every August.

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Surstro ̈mming

Durians: Southeast Asia

Durians, referred to as the king of fruits throughout Southeast Asia, are big, yellow-green tropical fruit with spiky shells. Inside, the yellow-colored flesh is sweet and velvety.

You will smell a durian numerous feet away prior to seeing one– with some explaining the strong smell like unclean socks, blue cheese or rotten onions. Because the odor is repulsive to some, durians are generally prohibited from hotels throughout Southeast Asia, along with public transportation inSingapore In the previous couple of years, genetically-modified durians with a less pungent smell are being exported from Thailand to Singapore, China, Europe and the U.S.A.– however critics firmly insist that they do not taste the exact same, resulting in some durian lovers looking for genuine and correctly smelly durians from Malaysia.

Durian is a seasonal fruit and the primary season ranges from late May to earlyAugust If you remain in Singapore or Malaysia throughout this duration, it prevails to see residents collecting around durian sellers and delighting in the fruit right there and after that. The environment is constantly enjoyable and busy. Meanwhile, bemused immigrants frequently grab innovative similes. The late TELEVISION chef Anthony Bourdain as soon as explained durian intake: “afterwards your breath will smell like you’ve been French-kissing your dead grandmother.”

Best load a tooth brush and some tooth paste with you then.


Fugu: Japan

One guy’s rarefied special can be another guy’s ticket to an intimate affair with the restroom, however rarely do unique foods items send out restaurants to the morgue. In Japan, things are various.

Fugu is Japanese pufferfish, or blowfish, a costly special that can just be prepared by extremely trained and accredited chefs. This is due to the fact that the organs of blowfish include deadly quantities of tetrodotoxin, and consuming simply a trace of it will trigger pins and needles around the mouth, followed by paralysis and death by breathing failure– and the worst part is the victim will stay mindful throughout, dealing with death however not able to do anything about it.

Since ancient times, fugu has actually been consumed throughout the nation, and today you will discover that it is frequently served raw as sashimi, gently poached in a broth (shabu-shabu), or briefly grilled with teriyaki sauce.

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Fugu sashimi
Fugu sashimi

Balut: Philippines

Popularly offered as street food in the Philippines, balut is a hard-boiled duck egg including a fertilised, partly established duck fetus. Depending on choice, the length of incubation prior to the egg is prepared can differ in between 14 and 21 days. This indicates you can frequently see the development of body parts like eyes and beaks, resulting in critics questioning the principles of consuming balut.

If you can deal with the contention, consuming a balut includes breaking and getting rid of a part of the shell, and making a little opening. Salt is frequently included, prior to drinking the juices and consuming the yolk and parts of the establishing chick– the more established the egg, the crunchier the texture. The white part of the egg is usually deserted, as it is difficult and unappetizing.

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RockyMountain Oysters: U.S.A.

If you seek a ball-busting idea, then a meal made with bull testicles will most likely fit the costs well. In states like Montana, Idaho and Texas where livestock ranching prevails, bull testicles are cut, peeled, breaded and deep-fried, frequently acted as an appetiser with a mixed drink dipping sauce.

The taste can be gamey. And if this is your very first time attempting it, make certain you grab a crispy one, as you might not like to taste the tissues within the ball.

Rocky Mountain Oysters
RockyMountain Oysters

Kumis: Central Asia

If you have actually enjoyed a number of the foods pointed out above and now wanting to sign up with a detox program, then make a journey to Russia or Central Asia (Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and sign up with the residents in drinking Kumis 5 times a day.

Kumis is a slightly alcoholic fermented horse milk which is stated to treat numerous disorders from cleaning of the kidneys to enhancing the intestinal system.

InCentral Asia, kumis is prepared by fermenting unpasteurised mare’s milk over a number of days, throughout which stirring happens from time to time. In Russia, you can purchase bottled kumis, though critics declare that the quality and taste from a bottle can not match the ones that are prepared by nomadic people.


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