YTB: EP05The Return to Raleigh and an American Road Trip (Recreational Vehicle and brief journeys)

This is the episode where we find how we can lastly go back to the United States. The 14 year dream understood in the most unforeseen method. We genuinely came cycle.

We share our travel experiences for the previous couple of years as we continue to take a trip as a household taking much shorter trip and getaways and our extended 12 month Recreational Vehicle trip throughout America.

  • How we handled to get an Immigration O1 visa for the United States
  • How we accomplished a 14 year dream – a United States permit
  • Why we share our travel stories
  • Our return to the United States with a stopover in Hawaii (highlights consisted of)
  • How we rotated two times when we understood our travel design was not working
  • The different locations we went to on the East Coast on brief journeys
  • How we checked out Western U.S.A. and why
  • Finally – a life in Raleigh – some insight into how that looks Current amazing jobs Rona has talented us with time to deal with
  • Why it’s difficult for us to take a “vacation”
  • What the future of travel appears like for us
  • The travel path we’ll follow to linked to Caroline’s newest fascination
  • How we keep travel alive when we can’t take a trip


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